Franklin Weaver

A Timeline, 1828-1884

Franklin Weaver, son of Edward and Martha Raymer Weaver, was born in New York state in 1828. As a young man he and his brother, Miles, joined the Mormon Batallion of the Mexican War of 1847 and traveled by foot from Council Bluffs, Iowa to the shores of the Pacific Ocean as part of the longest infantry march in the history of the United States. After marrying Christiana Rachel Reed in San Francisco, Franklin, Miles and their families became the original settlers of Provo, Utah, then Millville, Utah and finally Bennington, Idaho. The photo above is the Franklin Weaver home and the community's first school in Milville, Cache County, Utah.

An award-winning book entitled "Franklin Weaver--a Timeline 1828-1884" by Ellen Claire Weaver Shaeffer, was published in 1996, with a supplement in 1998, 222 pages in length with photos, footnotes and index.

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